Our History begining

nana Eugene Suarez, Sr. and his son, Eugene Jr. produced their first tortilla on June 3, 1971 in their tiny tortilla factory in Herndon, Virginia. From these humble beginnings grew a company with a 36,000 square foot facility and over 60 employees based in Manassas Park, Virginia.

The classic 6” corn tortilla was our first product; inspired by the cooking and recipes of Carmen Suarez, the family matriarch. Whole kernel corn, cooked in small batches and ground with the traditional stone metate, was baked to create the great taste and texture of truly authentic corn tortillas. This process is still the fundamental basis for all of our corn products.


Today, we still offer that classic tortilla, plus a complete line of flour tortillas, flavored tortilla wraps, taco shells, many flavors and shapes of tortilla chips, and prepared Mexican entrees. We have expanded our offerings every year and even manufacture and custom pack for customers.

We started as the first Mexican food company in the region when Mexican food was not the culinary trend it is today. As a result, we have been in the market longer than our competitors and have proven we are not just a passing culinary fad, but rather a local institution with powerful brand name recognition. ABUELITA is the name for quality Mexican foods.